Ashly Miles was born in 1991 to a military family in Richmond, VA.  Miles, Known to many as “Blaze” has also called the Carolinas home.  As a child, Blaze was forced to grow up quickly, witnessing things at 13 years old that most people only see in the movies. Surrounded by drugs and alcohol by way of family and friends, Blaze remembers seeing only pain and suffering. “Everyone I was cool with was in some type of pain, so they did drugs, partied, and chased money to forget about it”. To maintain her safety, Blaze recalls having to develop a tough exterior at the expense of experiencing peace and happiness. “I had experienced both the good and the bad sides of life, and as a result I was extremely guarded, I didn’t trust anybody”

While Blaze’s early childhood would seem to take her down a path to destruction, God had a greater plan for her life. Blaze recalls that at first she was not interested in Christianity or Christians. “Although my mother was a strong Christian and took me to church every Sunday…I thought... Read More!